HACU Mobile aps and Web

Ship digital bank products for both Mobile and Web experiences

A modern platform to build native mobile and web apps fully integrated with SOLAR products

  • Native iOS, Android apps with total support of both AppStore and Google Play ecosystems
  • All apps with customizable “out-of-the-box” UX/UI that easily adjusted with your business processes
  • Deliver seamless omni-channel experience with support of web, mobile, chats, self-service kiosks
  • Deployable inside SOLAR products as well as any other IT-infrastructure on the back-side

Technical features:

  • FaceId, TouchId and other security features
  • Push-notifications for transactions, marketing, security messages and alerts
  • Support for all bank products: cards, accounts, loans, deposits etc.
  • P2P transfers by QR-code, phone contacts book
  • Bill payments, mobile top-ups, utility payments, payments for any regional-specific providers
  • ATM/Branches/Partners location management
  • Timelines, statements, operation history with big amount of available data: merchant details, merchant location, any fees, amounts, exchange rates etc.
  • Contactless NFC payments support, support for ApplePay and GooglePay features
  • Devices specific features: camera access, file system & media library access, all sensors access etc.

Business features:

  • Personal Finance Management features: visualizing of spends, incomes, cash flow
  • Customisable and powerful on-boarding experience configurable individually for every channel
  • Measurable customers behavior, analytics, user flows, A/B testing, deep linking
  • Gamify your customer experience with support of geo-location based features, rich customer profile, support of other SOLAR products
  • Marketplace-like products enrollment processes
  • Customer customizable dashboard with a rich set of widgets
  • Engage your customers with integration of Facebook, Foursquare and other social services
  • Enhance customers support experience with built-in chat and inbox features
  • Use device specific features such as camera access to streamline user flows: onboarding, bill payments, documents delivery

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