SOLAR Testing Toolkit

Complete end-to-end regression tests automation

Specialised testing toolkit for card and mobile payment infrastructure. We are using it for testing our solutions and we are proud to share this experience with you.

Testing is critical for all financial transaction processing including those linked to issuing and acquiring of payment cards. Faults or defects may cause significant disrupters that could lead to downtime, financial losses, loosing customers to competitors. Not even mentioning time and energy required to localise defects in stressful conditions, find works around and finally fixing the source problem with all the corrections that might be required to neutralise the consequences.

Tests need to be ready to run at any time, swiftly, reliably and on a regular basis.

SOLAR Testing Toolkit features at glance:

  • Designed for end-to-end and for more complex testing
  • Contains all necessary future-proved simulators for the protocols used in the cards industry (ATM, POS, HSM, ISO8583, XML/SOA)
  • Batch and online transaction simulation
  • Converts messages between transport and application protocols
  • Simulates payment schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, UPI, AmEx
  • Build-in card transaction encryption
  • Provides smart web-based interface for users
  • Allows to dynamically develop non-regression test collections
  • Can simulate intensive transaction stream for load and stress-testing
  • Integration with other test management and requirements management software

Test automation platform designed for testing card transaction infrastructure

  • Functional testing
    • Interfaces (online ISO/XML, batch flat/XML)
    • Products (through APIs, DB calls)
    • Screen forms (through web-services)
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing
    • Automated test chains
  • Tests design and analysis of test coverage
  • Structured test control, test releases
  • Efficient representation of results including comparison with historical data

Value-added solutions:

  • SOLAR Responder - robust multi-connection multi-protocol simulator, all major payment schemes and other protocols.

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