SOLAR Card Issuing - Your API-Rich Digital Products

The trends in card issuing products are no longer about debit, credit, or payroll cards. Our clients enjoy the greatest advantages when they combine several functions into one digital product to create a user-friendly, convenient customer tool. For example, an effective product might combine payroll and credit revolving cards with a loyalty program and instalment options, along with automatic debt repayment enabled from other client wallet accounts.


SOLAR Card Issuing allows you to conclude all types of agreements with your customers for retail banking services such as deposits, instalments, credit products (consumer loan, car loan, mortgage), debit cards, cash management services, revolving credit cards with grace periods, and various combinations of these retail products. This is a completely new and smart back office for retail operations, engineered from the start as a system for enabling and tracking online transactions where the card is used only as an access key to customer accounts. With SOLAR Card Issuing combined with other SOLAR products – for example, SOLAR Switch, SOLAR Terminal Handler and others – we can build for you a universal processing complex for card or cardless payments and operations. Combining with SOLAR Loyalty helps you to create custom strategies to increase customer engagement through bonuses and privileges.


SOLAR Card Issuing is API-rich and built for close interaction with literally any existing infrastructure:

  • All card payment schemes. SOLAR Card Issuing accommodates any kind of interface for online and batch integration to receive data on clients, transactions, clearing, etc.
  • Remote banking services. A standard installation of SOLAR Card Issuing contains web services that empower your clients to manage their own service agreements.
  • General ledgers and reporting systems. SOLAR Card Issuing can independently create analytic and synthetic accounting transactions, or simply export completed transactions for an accounting system.


SOLAR Card Issuing provides external systems with a data mart containing necessary information for creating regulatory and management reports. Moreover, needed operational reports can be created without waiting for the data mart to generate an end-of-day representation. This can be handled by SOLAR Card Issuing’s own reporting subsystem, SOLAR Reporting, containing a detailed description of database structure and examples of reports. It supports, among others, the creation of consolidated reports based on data from multiple information systems, which means there are no limits on how many types of data sources are used for your reports.


Like other SOLAR products, SOLAR Card Issuing is a reliable and effective online real-time solution. Because it is based on the SOLAR platform, it is 100 percent horizontally scalable. When installing our platform, we always recommend SOLAR’s built-in active-active replication system to provide the highest fault tolerance and performance. Solutions based on our SOLAR platform are running at banks and processing companies with high loads and consistently give excellent performance.


SOLAR Card Issuing supports all functionalities needed to create a current account or deposit product that is attractive to the customer and profitable for the bank.

  • Interest rate scales dependent on deposit amount and period.
  • Minimal account balance.
  • Multicurrency deposits with flexible conversion rates accessed across various channels.
  • Various interest schemes – daily, by average monthly balance, by monthly minimum/maximum balance, by monthly deposit/withdrawal balance, interest in advance.
  • Ability to set up special or individual deposit rules.

Furthermore, SOLAR Card Issuing can manage powers of attorney, personal wills, and personalised family programs with shared deposit conditions across member accounts.

  • The developer of the SOLAR platform, Solanteq company, specialises in creating innovative components for building payment solutions and digital apps. SOLAR software products are easily scalable, natively integrate into cloud environments, provide maximum fault-resistance and can be supplied in the form of containers, flexibly customised to client requests. SOLAR platform is universal, for the development of retail business for banks and processing companies.


It is easy to track and process card payments through SOLAR Card Issuing. Flexible setup of the product life cycle allows you to configure and track transactions from the following types of products:

  • Credit cards, overdraft cards, credit cards with grace periods.
  • Debit cards.
  • Multicurrency cards.
  • Purchasing cards.
  • Instalment cards.
  • Social payment cards.
  • Unique combinations of these cards.

SOLAR Card Issuing processes transactions, calculates interest and the minimum payment amount, tracks debt repayment and overdue debt, generates penalties and sends notifications. For each operation, accounting entries are created according to configured rules. For clients who want to develop their own functionality, SOLAR Card Issuing offers a large range of documented extension points. These allow you to develop an unlimited number of extensions to your product functionality: not just import and export features, but daily procedures and complex transaction processing rules.


Instalments allow your clients to pay off their purchases in consistent payment amounts over a set time. You can grant interest-free instalment plans, collect a one-time fee, embed the fee in the instalment amount, or configure additional charges for credit use.

Any purchase can be transformed into an instalment plan across various channels:

  • Via internet banking – by converting purchases made by individual credit or other credit means into instalments.
  • At moment of purchase – by pre-configured rules that automatically calculates the payment schedule, fee, interest and other parameters.

Adding specialised modules of partner programs will expand SOLAR Card Issuing functionality. Your customers can get special instalment payment options for purchases made over partner networks, and you can easily monitor transactions with partner accounts.


All SOLAR solutions are outfitted with configurable thin client workplaces. They meet security requirements both for VPN use and use as workplaces for branches, agents, and partners providing credit-related services. They can even be used as personal spaces of enterprise customers.

We are sure that SOLAR Card Issuing will become your trusted platform for growing your retail business. Contact us, we're happy to organise a demonstration and answer your questions in detail.