SOLAR POS Handler — Empowering Retail Operations

SOLAR POS Handler is a customisable payments processing system that empowers your business with reliable versatile terminal management platform. The solution expands the existing pos network capabilities and supports the latest pos system innovations which can be tailored to your needs.


SOLAR POS Handler is a functionally rich solution which integrates all the modern POS system features:

  • Support for various protocols and POS types.
  • Multiple card schemes and acceptance of other payment tools.
  • Integration with loyalty systems.
  • Multi-currency with dynamic currency conversion.
  • Detailed reporting, with the possibility of independent revision and development of new reporting.
  • Support for advanced information transfer (shopping basket, payment information, etc.).
  • QR-code payments.
  • End-of-day and on-demand reconciliations.

On top of that SOLAR POS Handler enhances the payment experienc e with the most advanced technologies:

  • Android POS-terminals support.
  • Merchant web-portal and mobile app (SOLAR Merchant Portal).
  • Multiple virtual MCCs in 1 physical POS device.
  • Remote key loading.
  • Built-in regression and performance testing tools.
  • Interaction with POS-terminals using ‘classic’ protocols – ISO8583, and the ability to connect via XML/JSON.
  • Inventory management.


Like other SOLAR products, SOLAR POS Handler is horizontally scalable. The module can be launched on the basic x86 platform and expanded as your business grows by adding nodes.

SOLAR POS Handler is highly customisable and allows acquirers to configure the ideal solution for the retail environment quickly and easily.


  • Installation, launch and integration within 2-4 months.
  • Ability to work on light servers and virtualisation.
  • Minimal hardware and software requirements.
  • Easy integration with all your products.
  • The developer of the SOLAR platform, Solanteq company, specialises in creating innovative components for building payment solutions and digital apps. SOLAR software products are easily scalable, natively integrate into cloud environments, provide maximum fault-resistance and can be supplied in the form of containers, flexibly customised to client requests. SOLAR platform is universal, for the development of retail business for banks and processing companies.


SOLAR POS Handler can be combined with SOLAR Acquiring. The result is a universal solution for processing transactions and back-office operations, which helps to keep track of tariffs, supports the setup of flexible limits and performs the setup of flexible settlements with merchants including settlements across different terminals and other acquiring channels.

SOLAR Loyalty will increase customer engagement and enable you to offer personalised loyalty programs with the ability to offer flexible discounts, promotions for various categories of cards and customers, accrual points and use for online purchases, and the ability to join affiliate programs.

Supporting various protocols, SOLAR POS Handler can integrate with all types of POS devices, including the latest smartphone and tablet-based systems (mPOS terminals) allowing extended data to be exchanged during transactions. The module will help businesses to learn more about their clients such as their favourite stores or even their purchased items. By handling omnichannel transactions and access to sales data, acquirers can provide merchants with attractive contractual conditions and visibility on their retail operations.


  • Supports HSM, encrypted data exchange and remote key loading.
  • Flexible customisation of data displayed in the UI according to different levels of user access.
  • Native integration and compatibility with SOLAR Fraud Prevention reliably protects against fraudulent activity.


SOLAR POS Handler is aimed at providing maximum flexibility for payment processing. The solution easily connects with other systems, cuts checkout times, supports various POS device types, meets your current needs and allows more functionality to be added as your business grows.

SOLAR POS Handler provides both merchants and customers with a great buying experience.

We are confident that SOLAR Pos Handler will keep pos system management in line with the latest trends. Contact us, we're happy to organise a demonstration and answer your questions in detail.