SOLAR Payment Hub - Powerful System for Payment Transactions

SOLAR Payment Hub – universal software solution, designed for multi-step payment transactions. System is convenient and reliable in operation, easy in configuration and integration with third-party systems, provides high speed and fault tolerance transaction routing


  • payments, transfers, purchases:
    - processing requests for operations received from external systems,
    - generating additional transaction data,
    - saving incoming transaction data,
    - operations data transferring for further processing in other systems.
  • consolidation of all transaction components processed with different systems into one business transaction.
  • ability to cancel operations.
  • support of the mutual authentication, 3D-Secure protocol which increases the security level of online card transaction services, user authentication by electronic signature, tokenisation system to protect electronic payments.
  • analysis and dynamic tariffing of operations when combined with our solution SOLAR Dynamic Pricing.
  • submitting notifications through SOLAR Notification Module, which generates notifications according to specified templates, based on the provided data.
  • ensuring regular reporting based on data from your several information systems - when combining with SOLAR Reporting subsystem.
  • online and deferred payment processing options.


A request for an operation can be sent via flexible standard interfaces designed to interact with SOLAR platform applications and external components using the supplied web services or other protocols. Typical is a connection to the SOLAR Switch application, which registers, routes and converts messages. As the world of payments is constantly changing our company has foreseen the possibility of expanding the solution with new connectors, which plays the role of connecting links between SOLAR Payment Hub and various systems.

For example, SOLAR Mobile will become an excellent supplement which provides the opportunity to create new applications for remote customer service. All the facilities of your information systems will be available to customers in a smartphone or web browser.

  • The developer of the SOLAR platform, Solanteq company, specialises in creating innovative components for building payment solutions and digital apps. SOLAR software products are easily scalable, natively integrate into cloud environments, provide maximum fault-resistance and can be supplied in the form of containers, flexibly customised to client requests. SOLAR platform is universal, for the development of retail business for banks and processing companies.


SOLAR Payment Hub is quick and easy to customize in accordance with the requests of the payment operator business processes, supports a variety of payment protocols used in the payment card industry (VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, AmEx, Diners Club, JCB) and alternative payment methods.

All scenarios of operations are configured through the user interface. The product is a single orchestrator for all types of payments.


  • transport payments
  • utility services payments
  • Mobile payments
  • payments for goods and services
  • fast payment system
  • P2P transfers between bank accounts


  • Installation, launch and integration within 2-4 months
  • Minimal hardware and software requirements
  • Interfaces can be created with dozens of data systems
  • Out-of-the-box integration packages make it easy to connect existing systems as they are
  • Ready-to-use built-in base configurations


Like all our products, SOLAR Payment Hub provides progressive and integrative approach to security and reliability by focusing on the most innovative production standards, using of mutual authentication and 3D-Secure protocol in case of transfers between bank accounts or cards.


Combining with SOLAR SWITCH – for smart transaction routing and SOLAR MPI – in case of 3D-Secure protocol, SOLAR Payment Hub offers progressive service in the world of payments. Using rich functionality of this product and adapting potential scenarios to the needs of the specific business, our customers receive highly optimized elegant payment system.

We are sure that SOLAR Payment Hub will support your business as an efficient, innovative tool ensuring proper electronic payments routing. Contact us, we're happy to organize a demonstration and answer your questions in detail.