SOLAR Stand-in Processing - Maximum Availability of Your Processing System

The payment industry puts more and more pressure on payment infrastructure to maintain a high level of fault tolerance. Today even a short stall at midnight is a critical-category incident dealing a blow to customer confidence.

SOLAR Stand-in, a reserve authorisation system, proposes to significantly enhance the reliability of your present smooth-running processing system. While in no way intended to replace your current system, a solar-based reserve system fulfils the overwhelming majority of functions needed for payment processing with maximum fault tolerance.


A classic processing system consists of a set of components, platforms and database management systems with proven reliability. Many classic systems use cutting-edge high-availability modules and technologies. Nevertheless, downtimes and failures sometimes occur.

The problem is usually software glitches, operator error, or a physical hardware failure – often of unique and expensive units. As your system architecture and fault tolerance mechanisms become more complex, the greater they become susceptible to operator error or unexpected behaviour that breaches data integrity.

When we developed our solution, we started with the belief that two simple components with limited and distinctly defined interactions are easier to maintain than an internally complex, monolithic system whose inner life lacks transparency.

Our SOLAR Stand-in solution requires none or little modification of your current processing system. It provides the needed processing functions only during the times that the primary system is unavailable for whatever reason. While the primary processing system is running, the SOLAR Stand-in reserve system also stays active and refreshes all the needed data, but will not affect current authorisation processes.


SOLAR Stand-in will substitute for a stalled processing system by taking over the following functions:

  • Payment authorisations, including blocking of fees and separate processing of personal and loan funds.
  • Balance inquiry.
  • Blocking of cards, accounts and customers.
  • Balance top-up.
  • PIN change.
  • Velocity controls.
  • Instant issuance.
  • Support for remote banking services and APIs.


Integration of all these components into a single fault-tolerant solution is made by SOLAR Switch, our highly productive and effective product. The Switch-based central router directs authorisation requests to the reserve authorisation system in the event that the primary system is down.

By controlling the processing mode for each account separately, SOLAR Stand-in allows bank accounts to switch back from the reserve authorisation system one by one and to enrol accounts into the reserve system in pre-assigned sets. Reverse synchronisation to the primary authorisation system can be made, for example, by using standard payment schemes protocols via SOLAR Switch.


A fault-tolerant architecture based on SOLAR Stand-in and SOLAR Switch will allow you to easily expand your processing setup without modifying its most important component, the processing system. For example, you can add an independent fraud prevention solution, connect terminals of any vendor or any partner bank network over any protocol.

We are sure that SOLAR Stand-in will become your reliable ally in building the ultimate fault-tolerant processing ecosystem. Contact us, we're happy to organize a demonstration and answer your questions in detail.