SOLAR Loyalty - Building Loyalty on a Solid Platform

SOLAR is a cutting-edge software platform that we developed for businesses in the global payments world. It provides smart automation of all their key processes, from issuing and servicing payment cards to managing large-scale pos networks. We are proud to present SOLAR Loyalty, a quick, effective and reliable solution designed especially to support banks in their digital transformation strategy. With SOLAR Loyalty, you can easily monitor customer activities and gain valuable insights on how and when to increase customer engagement.


  • Loyalty programs and special deals, based on customer profiles including current and past activities Bonuses, miles, points, instant and accumulated savings.
  • Favourite client categories and limited-time offers.
  • Gifts and certificates.
  • Family programs and customised rewards Partner and co-branding programs.
  • Tariff plan management.
  • Risk management and fraud prevention.
  • Lotteries and prize drawings.
  • Budget management and effectiveness monitoring, automated termination of programs and deals Rewards tracking and rewards limitations.
  • Various point spending options, including real-time during a purchase.
  • Built-in personalised customer page or integration with a remote service system.
  • Messages and mass market mailings.


  • Installation, launch and integration within 2-4 months.
  • Minimal hardware and software requirements.
  • Interfaces can be created with dozens of data systems.
  • Out-of-the-box integration packages make it easy to connect existing systems as they are.
  • Ready-to-use built-in base configurations.
  • The developer of the SOLAR platform, Solanteq company, specialises in creating innovative components for building payment solutions and digital apps. SOLAR software products are easily scalable, natively integrate into cloud environments, provide maximum fault-resistance and can be supplied in the form of containers, flexibly customised to client requests. SOLAR platform is universal, for the development of retail business for banks and processing companies.


No programming is necessary to configure your loyalty programs and offers. Business users can make needed adjustments through easy-to-use interfaces at web workplaces. In this user-friendly environment, programs and offers can be set up and activated in a matter of minutes! SOLAR Loyalty interfaces are localised to fit your business needs and thoroughly documented.


SOLAR Loyalty upholds the same standard of reliability as all our SOLAR products. We always recommend SOLAR’s built-in active-active replication system to provide the highest fault tolerance and effectiveness. Solutions based on our SOLAR platform are running at banks and processing companies with high loads and consistently give excellent performance.


Even most basic SOLAR Loyalty installation comes equipped with sets of ready-to-use reports that help you monitor your active loyalty programs and decide how to develop them further. Not only that, Loyalty contains tools for creating your own reports, which you can save and download in Excel, Word or PDF format.


No significant upgrades in hardware and software are needed to install SOLAR Loyalty. Since SOLAR is horizontally scalable, the solution can be launched on a basic x86 platform and expanded as your business grows by adding nodes. Moreover, if virtualisation is used, required resources will be requested by the system and allocated dynamically depending on current load.


Implementing the right loyalty program for your business will undoubtedly increase customer engagement, encourage card use and stimulate spending. No one should be able to take advantage of your generosity by fraudulent means to receive unearned rewards. The SOLAR platform provides its own anti-fraud program including permanent and temporary blocks, various limits and stop lists.


The reliability of the SOLAR platform means that most situations can be resolved by a look at the detailed product documentation. But if support is needed, our 24-hour support team is ready to help and provide consultation on any issue.

We are sure that SOLAR Loyalty can become an indispensable tool in managing your client preferences. Call us to schedule a free demonstration at one of our offices today!

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