SOLAR Merchant Portal — A Convenient Personal Cabinet For Your Business

SOLAR Merchant Portal is a web application for viewing e-commerce transactions and messaging between the seller and the acquiring bank.


SOLAR Merchant Portal helps to interact quickly with the acquiring bank, provides information about all purchases performed with payment cards through POS terminals or online. The product allows to filter transactions by categories and outlets. SOLAR Merchant Portal displays all purchases in real time, as well as:

  • Shows reports and reconciliations data from the acquirer and payment.
  • Systems data.
  • Allows to deal with dispute transactions.
  • Offers various access levels ability to change profile data.
  • Displays information about payments in real time.
  • Offers the opportunity to conduct several merchants from one cabinet.
  • Creates invoices and payment links.
  • The developer of the SOLAR platform, Solanteq company, specialises in creating innovative components for building payment solutions and digital apps. SOLAR software products are easily scalable, natively integrate into cloud environments, provide maximum fault-resistance and can be supplied in the form of containers, flexibly customised to client requests. SOLAR platform is universal, for the development of retail business for banks and processing companies.

SOLAR Merchant Portal is a tight-end in the successful business strategy, an application with an ergonomic interface, where tracing funds visualization with detailed information of the each transaction is implemented.

Sellers in their personal account can manage the full lifecycle of a payment from initiation to receipt of an indemnity or cancellation and refund. SOLAR Merchant Portal helps to respond promptly to the claims requests from clients, preventing potential financial losses for the business.


SOLAR Merchant Portal collects information about performed transactions, generates reports online, base on which merchants can easily make productive strategic decisions and analyze the effectiveness of projects.

Transaction data is available in a user-friendly display with the ability to sort and search by email, for a period, by destination and other identifiers for the entire organization, and by outlets separately.


Through the SOLAR Merchant Portal, merchants can request to connect payment interfaces, register terminals, add their companies. SOLAR Merchant Portal presents transaction data in different visualization options: in the application itself and in the form of an Excel report, convenient for further data research and integration. Also there is the messages exchange function in text format or as uploaded files with the bank, which provides a payment gateway for the seller.


SOLAR Merchant Portal provides different levels of access to a personal merchant account, a two-factor authentication, secure digital registration on the portal, and individual limits set up for different types of operations. Additional control over transactions via the SOLAR Merchant Portal is implemented through integration with the SOLAR Fraud Prevention module, which combines machine learning technology and flexible rules configuration. This combination allows quickly and accurately recognition of merchants suspicious activity in the portal and prevent a wide range of fraud scenarios.

With SOLAR Merchant Portal it is easy to analyze payment history and develop business. Contact us, we're happy to organise a demonstration and answer your questions in detail.