On the best weekend of July, Captain Morgan Hotel was the venue for a conference and the center of a clash of oars with kayaking races sponsored by OnegoSurf and Work & Sport. In the evening, it turned into a lounge area with relaxing music, exquisite food from Frank and a wonderful view of the setting sun. The fifth anniversary of Solanteq offered a change of activity, and as you all know this makes for the perfect break!

The first ever SOLANTEQ SUP Surfing Challenge confirmed the readiness of the teams to prepare for and compete in any arena. Their rivals were heavily focused on results, mutual support and respect. And those who acquired the taste for competition have a fantastic opportunity to continue by taking part in the SOLANTEQ Machine Learning 2019 competitions

The event was fun and memorable. The unusually warm weather created a real summer atmosphere with the participants sharing fresh ideas and receiving an energy boost and the inspiration to gain further success in their work.

5 years and the story goes on!