SOLAR Transaction Processing Suite

Product portfolio SOLAR Transaction Processing Suite — fully automated universal processing complex for accounting and handling of all types of financial transactions (through international payment systems protocols or alternative payment methods).

Contains tools for setting up any scenarios of financial transactions

  • Easily scales according to the dynamics of business development.
  • Adapts to specific business needs, providing regular functionality updates.
  • Lowers operational risk by automation and load balancing.
  • Reduces costs by supporting a hybrid cloud deployment model.
  • Offers flexible tarification and various pricing models support.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure, ensures the simultaneous bank operation with several processing centers when needed.
  • Also has user-friendly customizable interfaces.

SOLAR Transaction Processing Suite has a modular structure and can be supplied as out-of-the- box solution or by separate modules, which are full-fledged stand-alone products. With each SOLAR component ready to be integrated and operated independently of the others, large-scale banking systems modernization turns to be simple and well-organised.

SOLAR Transaction Processing Suite includes:

  • SOLAR Acquiring — Your Leading Omni-channel Acquiring System
  • SOLAR E-Commerce – All Online Payment Capabilities
  • SOLAR POS Handler — Empowering Retail Operations
  • SOLAR 3DS Server — Module for 3D Secure interface for acquirers
  • SOLAR Merchant Portal — A Convenient Personal Cabinet For Your Business
  • SOLAR Card Issuing - Your API-Rich Digital Products
  • SOLAR Loyalty - Building Loyalty on a Solid Platform
  • SOLAR Digital Card – Modern Contactless Payment Opportunities for Your Customers
  • SOLAR Token Management — Protecting Payment Card Data
  • SOLAR ACS — 3-D Secure module for issuers
  • SOLAR Pin Change — Pin change service
  • SOLAR Installments — All types of instalments and credit programs
  • SOLAR Mobile - Trendsetting Apps for the Best Banking Experience
  • SOLAR Switch - We’ve Got Your Transactions Covered
  • SOLAR ATM Handler — Smart Management For Your ATM Network
  • SOLAR StandIn Processing - Maximum Availability of Your Processing System
  • SOLAR Payment Hub - Powerful System for Payment Transactions
  • SOLAR Clearing — Payment systems clearing service
  • SOLAR Datamart event interface — Data warehouse interface
  • SOLAR Testing Toolkit - Peace of Mind in One Single Package
  • SOLAR Fraud Prevention - Complete Protection for Your Transactions